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National Archives of Australia:

A3560, 7705 Like


Civic Centre from City Hill.

Date Range

January 1921–December 1935



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Hugh Evans says:
August 12 2011

It looks more like Albert Hall to me.

Conrad Burden updated the location of this photograph.
December 12 2012 Reply
Conrad Burden says:
December 12 2012

I agree, it's the Albert Hall.

Canberra Through The Lens says:
December 2 2019

There's quite a distance from Albert Hall to the Sydney and Melbourne Buildings. I have taken photos from City Hill of those buildings, and the distance in the image seems about right. Also, Roman Cypress are on City Hill, but I can't recall seeing those types around Albert Hall. There is a similar image here

Canberra Through The Lens updated the location of this photograph.
December 2 2019 Reply

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