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National Archives of Australia:

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Community News - Houses in Westlake

Date Range

January 1921–December 1935



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Amy Lay updated the location of this photograph.
August 21 2012 Reply

Westlake is now a ghost suburb, with only a handful of signs showing where huts used to be.

August 22 2012
Ann Gugler says:
April 2 2020

They were 2 bedroom cottages . The Community news photo show no. 29 Westlake on the top left - then 19 - 18 etc. Sites now covered with Embassies - sites of the remaining 41 cottages are in Stirling Park. Houses occupied from 1924 - last cottage vacated (George Sykes' No. 29 (in 1962. My family lived in No. 27 Westlake.

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