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National Archives of Australia:

A3560, 2050 Like


Right side of Monaro Street, Queanbeyan looking north from intersection of Monaro and Lowe Streets.


1 January 1926



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Modern day Queanbeyan

July 4 2011
Lee Davy says:
September 8 2011

There is a great photograph of this in the Queanbeyan Museum, actually dated 1870!

So here is a plug for the Queanbeyan Museum, located in Farrer Place, next to the Police Station, and opposite the Tourist Information Centre in Queanbeyan, Monaro St. Hours of opening 1-4pm weekends. There is a great exhibiiton of photos there.

Lee Davy
Queanbeyan and Historical Museum Society

Lee Davy says:
September 8 2011

The Queanbeyan Museum is located in the old Police Magistrates Cottage built 1875. There are many fantastics displays, so much work has been put in by a really dedicated group of volunteers, and help from the Queanbyean Library staff as well. There is also a terrific outdoor display, with a beaut mural painted by local artist Margaret Hadfield, depicting historical scenes from photographs. Check out Heritage and History Week events.

Lee Davy
Queanbeyan and District Historical Museum |Society

sah cray

April 13 2013

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