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National Archives of Australia:

A3560, 843 Like


Manager of Capital Hill Camp with his garden.

Date Range

January 1921–December 1935


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Ann Gugler says:
February 22 2013

This may be Mr Lee who was manager before Mrs Stanley who took over in late 1928. The spelling is CAPITOL HILL CAMP - not Capital Hill. The camp was built in 1925 by Contractor John Howie whose settlement was in the area of Block 3, Section 128 Stirling Park, Yarralumla (hillside opposite Lotus Bay near the Southern Cross Yacht Club). The settlement (1924-1930) consisted of 18 timber cubicles for his single men (known as the Hostel Camp where the Burns Club was founded in 1924), Ablution blocks, Recreation and Mess Hall - and 25 two and three bedroom timber cottages, Recreation Hall and Shared Lavatories - all connected to electricity and water but not sewerage - pan system used.

John Howie also built the Hotel Canberra and numerous buildings on Mt Stromlo plus the Masonic Lodge at Acton. This building in 1927 was moved to Russell Hill settlement (near the Campbell Shops) where it became the local school. In 1930 this building was moved to Corroboree Park where it is still used as the Ainslie Hall.

Capitol Hill Camp was one of three more settled camps - ie above the standard of tents - semi-permanent - the other two were White City (near the old Canberra High School - now the School of Art) and Causeway Camps.

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